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It could be the most important business decision you will ever make for the growth and success of your business. The marketing alliance provides you turn-key annuity, life and substandard life marketing programs, all with top level marketing company commissions. These programs could add additional cash flow to your organization, without having to add additional staff!

As a member of the marketing alliance, you’ll also enjoy national
advertising for your company and you’ll receive recognition in our
quarterly spreadsheet, mailed to thousands of agents nationwide. Don’t forget about our web-based technology which provides you instant access to our state-of-the-art information and tracking systems.

However, the best reason to join the marketing alliance is security. The future is uncertain and being part of a larger group provides you with safety measures to ensure the continued success of your business.



  • Turn-key marketing programs
    • Level 1 members will receive our marketing pieces via e-mail so they may customize the pieces with their name and
      distribute as needed. Level 2 members enjoy the simplicity of having us mail or email directly to their agents from our home office.
    • Weekly online spreadsheet with up-to-date commission levels and new product introductions.
    • Weekly emails regarding sales ideas, product information, company promotions, etc. These provide a great avenue
      for keeping your company name and products in front of the agent at all times!

    Click here to join the AIP Marketing Alliance today!

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are some more reasons why you should join forces with the AIP Marketing Alliance:

  • No validation requirements (there are no individual production requirements)
  • Access to over 200 annuity and life products from over 25 carriers
  • Access to our marketing alliance web based technology
    • Provides your agents with great marketing and sales tools, including a searchable product database of annuities, a term quote engine for quoting multiple term companies and up-to-date information about our products, commission levels and selling tools.
    • Provides you with an online agent management system to keep track of your producers contracting status, activity and pending business.
    • Offers you online access to company forms, contact
      information, commission levels and more.
  • Ability to exchange marketing ideas with other IMC’s
  • Ability to become part of a larger organization while maintaining your autonomy